Skyelab helps companies of all sizes achieve their highest potential through the practical application of imagination and effective communication.
Skyelab is the creation of trend forecaster and communications expert, Schuyler Brown. Schuyler is a communications advisor to some of the world’s biggest brands.
NYC in 2006
Consumer research, insights, semiotics, brand strategy, effective writing, innovation
Inspiration, Intuition, Rolodex
Completely helpful objective advisor and idea accelerator
Comfortable with entrepreneurs and global businesses
Calm in the midst of chaos
Aristotle wrote, "Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation." I can get you to this intersection. I've worked with the leadership of many companies to put those pieces together. I view marketing as an act of healing.

If you have a real need, I can help you solve it.

Dream big. Your highest potential is your Vision for where you want to be. It's something that must be clear in the heart and mind of every employee and customer... Is yours?

We can help you envision your future, communicate it, and achieve it.

This is the brand model I created. First, I work with you to stabilize the core and then we set the virtuous circle of stakeholder fulfillment in motion.

It's a journey towards understanding your essence and the impact you can have on the world.

According to the Hebrew Bible, God made the world with words. God just spoke and the world became reality. The Aramaic for ‘I create as I speak’ is avara k’davara, or in magician’s language, abracadabra.

–Lawrence Kushner, “The Book of Words”


Words are the key to framing and solving problems. Words open new doors to possibility and profitability. Well-chosen words close deals and lead to prosperity. When you understand the nature of words you can use them to reach any goal.

If you think this is esoteric or irrelevant to your pressing business objectives, think again.

Schuyler Brown is a trends analyst and communications expert who has conducted custom research and designed strategy workshops for leading global brands including Microsoft, Visa, Citibank, Charles Schwab, Sony, and Levis. She also works with start-ups to find and articulate their vision. She started her career at Landor Associates and built the buzz marketing practice at Euro RSCG. Her career has spanned advertising, trendspotting, consumer research, and corporate identity consulting.

Schuyler has been called a "brand therapist" and brings a supremely human touch to commercial communication. She coaches brands through the hard work of establishing a unique and magnetic presence that draws the right people for the right reasons. She has written extensively on buzz marketing, global cultural trends, and the importance of ethics in the business of marketing. She consults for Skyelab and Artha Advisors. She is currently working on a book about the effects of media on the mind.

Personal inspirations include Jung, Gurdjieff, Hugo Cory, Gabrielle Roth, yoga, her daughter, and her own artistic endeavors in writing and painting.